My Services

Let's build something!


I code in C++, Solidity, NodeJs and many other languages

Coding skills

Compiling with love

Embedded systems & software

C / C++

✔️ PCB and hardware testing

✔️ Driver implementation

✔️ Data processing

✔️ Telemetry

Software / Gaming / Simulation

Many others

✔️ Unreal Engine 5

✔️ Java

✔️ Html / CSS

✔️ Shell scripts



✔️ Smart contracts

✔️ Ethereum

✔️ Dap

✔️ ethers.js

Front & Back-end


✔️ ReactJs

✔️ NodeJs

✔️ Micro-service architecture

✔️ Cloud (AWS, Firebase, private cloud)

From sensors to the cloud

We can do it all

Code has no meaning if it doesn’t impacts the real world. The best project to me involves hardware in the loop. It can be IoT, control command, some actuator or any other sensor!

I perform on all layers: from the raw analog signal of a sensor to its interpretation in a micro-service running in a kubernetes architecture for example.

However, I also know Unreal Engine 5 from the gaming industry and already been involved in 3D world simulation.



Team player

Why solve a problem that somebody already solved?
A team without synergy is just a group of people


Using the white board with teammates to draw the most suitable design is something natural.

Code is love

An effective and meaningfull code is primordial to a system’s quality.
Code must be beautiful.


I enhance your dev team efficiency with some trivial DevOps.
Developers shall code, not run manual procedures

Project management

Keep creative but keep the heads up too is central.
The customer must be happy.

Straightforward process

One problem – One solution

Onboarding & Audit

Typical projects start with an analysis. My external eye allow  me to spot some hiccups as well as deeper cumbersome problems that lies in between the code’s lines.


The audit’s report I produce gives you a clear vision of issues and there reasons. I also provide a set of solutions with pros & cons so that we can decided together how to implement the new features.

Implementation & delivery

According to what we have decided together, I proceed to the implementation of the solutions. One by one, the features are delivered in you git repository