About me

Freelance Software engineer*


*Not a robot.

The values I carry with me

1. Reliabilty

I do what I say, and I think twice before promising. Engagement and being trusty is a question of honour.

2. Ethics

I respect my customers, their business and methods. I have the sense of confidentiality.

3. Skilfulness

I never pretend. I know what I can and keep transparent about it. Learning new things is enjoyable to me.

4. Altruism

Knowledge and ideas belongs to everybody. Keeping the ego away is fundamental to enforce teamwork and creativity.

Professional background

Years of professional experience

Languages spoken fluently

French – English – Norwegian

Master degree – 2012

Graduated from CPE Lyon school, promotion “Alfred Nobel”

Technology degree – 2009

Specialization in multi tiers architecture and concurrent programming

Sailing instructor – 2019

Just for fun and practising as volunteer Les Glénans sailing school

Private life

Outdoor activities

I am fond of activities like sailing, paragliding, diving, surfing etc. Everything that doesn’t stands on ground is a point of interest to me. When I decided to start sailing, I left my apartment and moved into my sailboat.

I have my own equipment and practice all these activities regularly.

My next idea is to obtain my private pilot licence by the horizon of 2025.

Musical experience

During my early 20s I played in a music band, which propelled me on the stage of a big international festival in Slovenia. Since them, I quit music: this is not for me!

3 years experience in Norway

In 2015 I decided myself to leave France and discover a new culture in total immersion. I left my home country in early 2016 until 2019.

I am very proud of this experience. I learned Norwegian, understood a different culture and enjoy the company of Norwegian people. This was a full Norwegian experience: I met no French person there.


I rebuilt everything on my motorcycle. It was 29 years old when I bought it and deserve a complete rework. I drove it from south of France up to Norway, rebuilt it and then drove it back down there. This wasn’t a financial victory but definitely an instructive experience: I learned so much.

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